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About Lo2ta's Stock and European Brands

Al-Bardisi company was established in 2015.
It started its first activity in the field of selling stoke clothes and was the first to invent the idea of selling clothes “by the kilo” Its success and spread continued until it is now in 2022 and includes 23 branches at the level of the Republic, in addition to electronic sales in all governorates.
Our Message
Retain our customers, expand our reach by offering high – quality, state-of-the-art products at an affordable price, reaching them anywhere at all times.
Our Vision
Al-Bardisi group of companies seeks to lead in the field of retail, reach the consumer directly, provide distinguished products at reasonable prices, and care for customers through the development of innovative selling methods and the adoption of the principles of integrity, respect and professionalism at work, training and permanent development
Our Valuable

Trust: The company always strives to gain confidence in its
Employees and customers and to form a stable work team for the longest period.
Quality: The company offers high quality products to achieve confidence in the customer. Professionalism: We always strive to progress as we are pioneers in the field of stocking.
Transparency :- A key feature of the company is both with the employee and the customer that we always seek to maintain it.
Innovation: - We always think outside the box, and that’s what distinguishes us, even in the way our branches sell and the different and proportionate marketing ideas that our customer always thinks about.
Excellence: - We always work hard to remain superior in our field, and this will be completed only by a collaborative, organized and innovative team that is always presented with high-quality solutions and ideas.

Lo2ta is the first to come up with the idea of selling clothes by the kilo. The clothes are stock made by international brands

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The blogger Asala Al-Hakim